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AOA Homes creations was incorporated by the companies allied act 2020 on the 19th day of January 2022 as AT Onida Associates and was changed to AOA +Homes Creations on the 15th of July 2022.

AOA Homes Creations is a company that has established competence in construction, quantity surveying, and consulting over the years and has completed various projects for firms in and outside of Abuja to date. The firm was established because the MD saw the need and had the necessary capacity and expertise from working with and for other companies to get the required knowledge and abilities. Two years ago, the business started off as a modest Remodelling contractor, offering straightforward small-scale restoration and building services.

Our Objective:

Our objective is to keep giving customer pleasure in house ownership, community living, and lifestyle by building lovely estates, flats, and other real estate-related products and services with up-to-date facilities in and around Abuja.


We are a values-based business in Nigeria with the mission of providing real estate solutions that are profitable as investments. We build and construct high-quality homes and offer quality lifestyles through our renowned collection of integrated estates, making us the go-to company for homebuyers.


Our Vision is to become the company of choice for all investors in Nigeria, with a renowned reputation for prompt delivery, spacious living, honesty, integrity, and impeccable customer Service, as well as creating a robust network of strategic and trustworthy investment opportunities.

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