Los Suenos Resort – An Eco-Friendly Retreat!

los-suenosBeing a beautiful and straightforward place to visit, the Costa Rica would be great to spend some quality time. Your dream vacation would be your whole life! Costa Rica real estate is a booming market at the moment and has drawn lots of attention. If you’re looking to purchase a second house, you can permanently move or retire somewhere tropical; Costa Rica would be the ideal place for you to start!

A few reasons are present that you must invest in Costa Rica Real Estate!

With a stable government, you’ll surely get stable investments! They’re democratic republic having three different branches and have relished a peaceful democratic existence since the year 1949. Their government sees high value of tourism and also encourages foreigners to visit and retire in Costa Rica. The stable government has to ensure that the money invested in real estate would be a safe one and wouldn’t suddenly lose any value.


Investment safety

The country’s currency remains stable, so your money would be safe! As the government is a stable one, its currency is stable as well. The Costa Rican colon, which is also referred to as the CRC, would be the official currency and one US dollar equals 516.245 CRC. Both CRC and US Dollars are accepted widely throughout Costa Rica, as much as 90% of the establishments accept USD.

Fewer taxes

Taxes! Costa Rican taxes remain considerably lower than that of which are used to; in fact; they’re some of the lowest in the world. For example, the property tax only remains at about 25%, and only income that is earned in Costa Rica is subjected to income tax. Also, Costa Rica would provide a citizen with significant amounts of revenue that could easily be deductible and remains free from all taxing. This remains to be a huge break when comparing to what most of the American population is currently used to!

A home away from home

So if you’re thinking of making an investment in a vacation home, you need to know the fact that it’s all about the location! If you’re thinking of investing in a holiday home, or just have to move for enjoying your retirement, you might find that you’re still traveling back in your home city for holidays or for visiting friends and family. The following cities would take a 3-5 hour flight from Costa Rica: Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Toronto and Los Angeles.

Eco-tourism in the Country

A great and lively feature to love about the Costa Rica is the eco-tourism that would bring in more tourists year after year. Owning a beautiful house in the middle of the eco-friendly environment would be a dream come true!

Eco-tourism is the purpose of traveling for selecting a destination for natural areas that you would wish to visit there, and for understanding the natural history and culture of that particular environment. Real Estate in Los Suenos Resort is very Eco-friendly.  project. An eco-tourist would take special care for not altering ecosystem, and instead of that, it would try to do some things for preserving and making it more enjoyable spot for anyone who visits. This would be a broad definition that consists of a simple day trip to a week’s long holiday in the rainforest.

Costa Rica takes various benefits in tourism

Eco-tourism is currently booming because of more and more people grow frustrated with the tourist traps of overcrowded amusement parks and hotel-lined beaches. And Costa Rica benefited! In 1998, Costa Rica had about 9, 43,000 travelers while in 2000 they had an incredible 1,100,000! While many third world nations are putting all of their efforts in the rapid growth of industrialization, Costa Rica has gone the other way and is entirely dedicated to eco-tourism as it would be the key to their economic development. But, the whole country acquires the total size of West Virginia, the biodiversity would be utterly amazing; in addition to the scenic beaches, huge volcanoes, exotic wildlife, waterfalls and lush rainforests. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g1049082-d3838125-Reviews-Los_Suenos_Resort_and_Marina-Herradura_Province_of_Puntarenas.html

Benefits to Environment

The whole environment has significantly benefited from the ever-increasing development of eco-tourism too. They’ve made some great bounds and leaps since the year 1963 when the very first environmental protection reserve got created. Now there were around 70 different protected regions that were covering around 21% of the territory of the nation. While it caused some locals to move and shut down many industries, it also opened full new employment opportunities in the means of the heavy rise in tourism.

It’s also simple to see why many people might be interested in investing in the Real Estate property of Costa Rica! If you’re considering of investing in the properties of Costa Rica, you don’t need to wait for the right time to come as you can invest in inherent properties in the country and gradually see growth in your investments or as a perfect home for a holiday retreat or just a residential house.