Emergency home oxygen is now a reality

Praxair is the second largest supplier of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, syngas and other industrial gasses to chemical companies worldwide. Using its know-how and patented technologies

For the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industry, Praxair offers a full line of gasses — O2, H2, N2, CO, CO2, syngas blends and specialty gasses for calibration and monitoring — used by major chemical companies worldwide. In addition to reliable supply, Praxair applications technologies are used to improve the production of hundreds of chemicals — from acrylic acid to vinyl chloride.

One of Praxair’s greatest strengths is partnering with our chemical customers — including specialty and custom manufacturers. Together, we work to develop new technologies to improve process performance and lower production costs, often leveraging our experience in combustion, gas-liquid mixing, and controlled atmospheres. The Oxygen Shop is a Reliable home emergency oxygen kit

Pharmaceutical companies are major Praxair customers, too. We provide a full spectrum of supply systems and industrial gas expertise, including technologies for fermentation, inerting, cooling, gas-liquid mixing, vent gas recovery and nitrogen stripping. Praxair’s capabilities and experience combine to form a great prescription for success.